Why Contractor Days

For and by Professionals

Bringing together professionals so that they can inform themselves, discover new evolutions within their field and learn from each other: that is the goal of Contractor Days. To achieve this goal, a sector-neutral event partner has been appointed to ensure the smooth running of these two days. This must allow all entrepreneurs and customers to meet their suppliers, strengthen their cooperation, make new agreements and discover new products. As a sponsor, exhibitors can strengthen their brand and name recognition by being present around the central area and showing there their latest products. In other words: Contractor Days offers the perfect opportunity for professionals.

An ideal date

The date of the show has been chosen in order to allow all professionals/contractors to participate. It will be an ideal time to reflect on your activities, take in new trends, prepare for the new year and develop future investment plans.

Brussels, the heart of Europe

Brussels Kart Expo is located in the capital of our country and combines all necessary facilities for visitors, participants and sponsors of Contractor Days.

Strong partners

A professional event must both be representative of the sector and supported by the sector. Contractor Days is supported by the national professional federation and already has an international collaboration with DeLuTa in Bremen. The federation will of course be present as well and, in the run-up to the event, additional organizations, including the professional media from the sector, will be included in the list of partners.

Already confirmed